Is There Any Evidence To Suggest The Nashville Bombing Was A False Flag?


With the recent explosion that occurred in Nashville Tennessee, one can’t help but wonder if there is something more to this event that we have not yet seen. We have seen many times in the past that these things tend to occur when the deep state is in a panic, or have some agenda to fulfill.

As usual, there is always suspicious information that comes to light once the internet investigators dive into it.

In an amazing story, covered by Mike Adams with Natural News, he shows how the RV used in the bombing doesn’t match the RV found in the driveway of the supposed perpetrator, Mike Adams writes:

With a hat tip to WhatDoesItMean.com, which pointed out this stunning observation, we can see that the RV depicted in the photo released by law enforcement has a single horizontal pin stripe near the roof, along the entire driver’s side of the vehicle: (see the pin stripe along the edge of the roof).




While the RV parked at the residence of Anthony Quinn Warner — whom the FBI is publicly calling a suicide bomber — has two pin stripes along the driver’s side:




In other words, anyone who can count to two can also see that this isn’t the same RV. The red outline square in the two images above also shows a key difference in the appearance of another feature — possibly a vent — that looks completely different in the two photos.

In other words, it’s not the same RV.

Someone in the deep state who was pulling off this bombing of the AT&T / NSA spy hub according Adams.
The real target of the bombing was, of course, the equipment found inside the hardened AT&T building:




Mike Adams goes on to write that the entire “Anthony Quinn Warner” suicide story is nothing but a cover story. As a bonus narrative, the establishment is now trying to blame Warner’s actions on “5G paranoia,” simultaneously blaming 5G critics for the bombing that was actually carried out by the deep state, working in conjunction with black hat units inside the US military (Army in particular).

As we reported yesterday, he writes, a missile trail is clearly seen dropping from the sky to the ground right before the explosion took place:







You can see the missile trail timing more clearly in this skyline video, now preserved at Brighteon.com:



Read FULL STORY by Natural News.


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