Intentional Explosion Rocks Nashville, Tennessee On Christmas Morning


A massive explosion on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, left at least three people wounded. Authorities described the explosion as “intentional. Nashville’s police chief says they found possible human tissue at the scene.

In a strange series of events, according to reports from WKRN News 2 in Nashville, as suspicious RV was seen circling the area downtown where the explosion occurred, for several hours.




According to reports, there were gun shots, which prompted a phone call to the police. The police, then spotted the RV, which began to broadcast a warning to locals to evacuate the area due to a bomb threat.  Police began evacuating the area, after which the RV exploded, leaving structural damage for more than a complete block with a blast that could be heard for two miles.




Massive “intentional” explosion in downtown Nashville leaves 3 wounded – (2:32)



According to the reports from WKRN News, the timeline occurred as follows:

5:30 am shots fired call
6:00am suspicious RV spotted by police
6:15 am audio countdown
6:15am police clear buildings
6:30am RV explosion




The aftermath of the blast left a scene of complete chaos. It looked as if vehicles were melted.


tennessee+12_25_20_melted cars


Austin Kellerman with Nexstar Media provided several different angles of the explosion as it occured.


First Angle
Video obtained by WKRN from downtown Nashville shows the moment an explosion occurred that damaged buildings and injured at least three people. Law enforcement believes this was an “intentional act.” Courtesy: Russell Willis.


Second Angle
Here’s another angle of the explosion in Nashville obtained by WKRN-TV. Courtesy: BlastAway Sand Blasting.


Third Angle
Church surveillance camera captures downtown Nashville explosion. Video obtained by WKRN-TV via Crosspoint Church.


Fourth Angle
Massive “intentional” explosion in downtown Nashville leaves 3 wounded
CBS Eveining News


Nashville Chief: Possible Human Remains Found After “Intentional” Explosion | Live WKRN Coverage


It is still unknown if this was a lone attack or a coordinated event, nor what the intended motive may have been.


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