Get Woke, Go Broke – The Master List

A comprehensive and ever growing list of media properties that decided to “get woke” and inevitably “went broke” while trying to pander to the so-called “Progressive” phantom audience. You’ll find video games, movies and comic books in the list. Feel free to point out other properties that decided to “get woke” and also “went broke” in the process. 

This list and story were made by One Angry Gamer: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/get-woke-go-broke-the-master-list/. We will attempt to update the list as time goes on.





  • A bunch of journalists got woke and went broke.
  • Boy Scouts got woke and went broke.
  • Cinemablend Games got woke and went broke.
  • Comics Alliance got woke and went broke.
  • Gawker got woke and went broke.
  • Handsome Her Cafe got woke and went broke.
  • Mic got woke and went broke.
  • Variety’s game section got woke and went broke.
  • Vice News Tonight got woke and went broke.
  • More Examples

    1. Nike lost almost $4 billion in stocks after signing Colin Kaepernick to the Just Do It Ads. Many people also recorded themselves burning Nike gear as a form of protest. Colin Kaepernick was the one who popularized kneeling during the national anthem. It should be noted that the stocks bounced back up shortly after and Kaepernick shirts sold one day after announcement. Considering example 3 and how disliked Kaepernick is, this seems a little suspicious.
    2. Pandering to the SJWs is one of the many reasons 2017 was one of the worst years in box office history. It got so bad that Solo: A Star Wars Story became the first Star Wars film to ever result in profit losses.
    3. Since many NFL players have begun protesting the national anthem, NFL stadiums have become so deserted that the NFL was willing to significantly lower seat prices just to fill them.
    4. Many colleges and universities that cater and pander to social justice ideologies have begun suffering financially. Evergreen College saw a 70% decline in student enrollment for the 2018 semester after last year when a university professor politely opposed a racial segregation against white student caused many students to riot and even hold the dean hostage and the University of Missouri lost over $33 million and closed several dorms after the mass protest and video of former professor Melissa Click asking for “muscle” to silence a student journalist went viral. This one is particularly important because it shows that despite what the SJWs say, it isn’t simply old white men who oppose the SJWs, young people hate them as well.
    5. Crunchyroll, the main legal anime broadcasting service in the West, has also “got woke” in two occasions. First, they decided to set up a LGBT panel during a convention, replying to questions about the decision by saying “because anime is for EVERYONE!”, alluring to a discrimination that isn’t present in anime communities as a whole. The panel itself flopped, since during 45 minutes, they spoke about their personal experiences as LGBT people, rather than discussing something that is more related to anime, like the LGBT representation in said media. The most recent instance is when High Guardian Spice ‘s trailer was released, which not only made people question whether their money was going to support the anime industry (being the main reason people buy the monthly membership in the first place) or into that project (which didn’t bring anything new to the table and was just Western animation with Japanese elements shoved into it), but in the trailer itself, they boasted a lot about the “diversity” in their cast, especially their 100% female writing team, rather than showing anything about the show itself (they showed some concept arts at best, which isn’t much). This in turn caused many people to cancel their accounts and drop Crunchyroll for piracy sites like Nyaa.
    6. Marvel Comics starting shoving SJW propaganda into their comics around 2012. As a result, many comic book fans stopped buying their comics and eventually several SJW comics had to be canceled due to loss of revenue.
    7. The writers and producers of Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted Star Trek series, made a big deal about the reboot’s version of Hikaru Sulu being the first LGBT character in the franchise’s history. Not only was this not actually true (Jadzia Dax from the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beat him to the punch by over twenty years), but George Takei, Sulu’s original actor and a famous LGBT activist, said that arbitrarily making the character gay was a terrible idea and that they should have created an entirely new LGBT character. Beyond bombed at the box-office, and along with the death of co-star Anton Yelchin in a car accident helped put an end to the reboot series. Adding insult to injury, the new TV show Star Trek: Discovery debuted the following year, did include an original LGBT character (Paul Stamets), and was successful enough to get at least three other new Star Trek shows commissioned.
    8. Gillette’s latest ad was basically nothing more than white male bashing and was heavily criticized, specially since Gillette more than once used girls to promote Gillette products in sexual ways, leading to not only a boycott of Gillette, but the parent company Proctor and Gamble. Despite manipulating the like/dislike ratio and even buying likes, taking down and reuploading the video, and removing many comments, the Gillette ad is now the 20th most disliked video on YouTube. Time will tell if their getting woke breaks them though but it’s very likely. Update: It has been announced that while most Proctor and Gamble products are still up, sales of Gillette products are down.
    9. Funimation fired voice actors Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn (Rooster Teeth also firing the former) over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct that have yet to be proven true or false, with their ongoing roles at the company being recast with new actors. Funimation also confirmed they would not rehire either under any circumstance, resulting in losses of profits from official merchandise, streaming, home video, and ticket sales. However, Los Angeles-based recording studios such as Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Studiopolis still kept both voice actors under the belief of “innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.” This results in Vic Mignogna’s lawyer opening a GoFundme campaign to raise 100.000 $ for the lawsuit, which eventually reached its goal. Funimation had also released an update in which subscribers to their premium streaming service, FunimationNow, can no longer unsubscribe. After getting called out on it, Funimation re-enabled the option, claiming it to be a bug.
    10. After implementing social justice measures in the Boy Scouts to be more inclusive, allowing girls into the ranks and openly gay scouts and scout leaders, as well as decades of sexual abuse kept under wraps now coming to to the surface, the 108-year old organization lost a ton of memberships and was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
    11. Since the start of 2019, massive layoff have taken place in far left media.
    12. Ever since Dick’s Sporting Good stopped selling assault rifle and high capacity magazines in support of gun control and destroyed the ones they had rather than send them back, the chain lost over $150 million in sales and now have to close about 35 stores as a result.
    13. A cafe in Melbourne, Australia, called Handsome Her, overcharged men for their latte’s to reflect the gender pay gap. They are now going out of business after opening their doors a year and a half ago.
    14. A NYY class course was cancelled being taught by former New York Times Fact checker Talia Lavin that was focused on anti trump sentiments after only 2 students were only registered.
    15. X Men Dark Pheonix was a massive box office bomb and the lowest rated X Men movie of all time. One such scene was where it should be called X Women instead of X Men.

    All of these examples help to show it’s just not gamers that despise the SJWs, and that the latter are facing defeat frequently not just in the gaming community.

    from: https://awesomegames.miraheze.org/wiki/%22Get_Woke,_Go_Broke%22


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