Shia is Crazy

Shia LaBeouf Creates Creepy Anti-Trump Cult

Shia LaBeouf has organized an anti-Trump cult, complete with creepy behavior and chanting. He and his fellow occultists are calling this ART. Much like Shia’s other questionable forms of “art” expressing, this one is short of artistic. In a previous exhibit, he had put a paper bag over his head and said that he was raped while wearing that bag. He could not oppose to the raping, or simply push the person off of him, because he did not want to move or speak for the project.

Anyway, in this case, Shia just about has the luckiest day of his life. The way that he gets in the face of this guy and screams, would get him punched in the face in almost any other situation, anywhere in the world, and well deserved. This guy has every right to defend himself from Shia’s assault, and if Shia went to any other neighborhood and tried this again, it would not go so well for him.

Very strange behavior coming from Hollywood, indeed. I suppose I can understand if they had to keep harping on about Trump because they were paid to do so, but they are acting as if their livelihood depends on him going down. All of these celebrities are acting as if they will absolutely dissolve or catch fire if Trump remains in office. They act as if someone whips or tortures them every night if they didn’t say enough negative things during the day.


Shia LaBeouf returns to anti-Trump performance art protest after arrest
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