Cooper Conway

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Defends His Lies To Kellyanne Conway Like A Little Boy Caught Stealing Cookies

As we attempt to fight The Perilous Fight, and attempt to wake people up from the lying media it is important to continue to call out the lies and document as much as we can.

In attempting to analyze the fake news as it comes, we are following the interpretations of HB (The Hard Bastard). While his name is not politically correct, his analysis of the news is pretty well spot on. He is able to give an extremely fair and balanced interpretation of what the media is saying and doing. Like the rest of us, he is seeking Truth and honesty in the media, and his assessments are from one of the most un-biased platforms I have seen. Calling out lies is a pretty big and daunting job when it comes to Mainstream Media, as there is ALOT to keep up with. They cannot get though a ten minute segment without lying.

News Reviews By: HB


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