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World Trade Center 911

September 10, 2001 – Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon has lost or misplaced $2.2 Trillion Dollars.

9/11- World Trade Center – September 11, 2001

Official Story
Official Story- On September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took over four passenger planes. One plane was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, another plane into the South Tower, one into the Pentagon and a fourth into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Both of the twin towers collapsed into their own footprint due to steel weakened by fire, and later that evening, Building 7 also collapsed into its own footprint for unknown reasons, according to the FEMA report.

Really Good Documentary By HighImpactFlix:


A. Roof not yet collapsed (YouTube- 911 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You 00:38/05:14), (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 20:18/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 23:24/1:58:22), Collapse; (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 21:09/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 09:25/1:58:22).

B. Pentagon – Flight 77 measurements and schematics – (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 18:20/1:58:22)
a. Roof Measure- (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 08:56/1:12:25)
b. Plane Measure- (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 09:19/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 10:04/1:58:22)
c. Plane Measure- (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 16:03/1:12:25)
d. Crash simulation- (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 23:21/1:12:25)
e. Boeing 757 2 Engines- (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 25:45/1:12:25). Each engine about 9 feet in diameter., (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 20:10/1:58:22)

C. Debris Analysis Outside- There should be 60 tons of scrap. (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 16:35/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 04:54/1:58:22).

D. Debris Analysis Inside- (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 19:25/1:58:22)

E. Global Hawk Drones- Engine rotor (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 26:34/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 20:54/1:58:22). Witnesses heard no sound; (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 23:41/1:58:22)

F. No Seismic Data- (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 28:44/1:58:22)

G. Confiscated Footage -Footage from all nearby businesses with a point of view confiscated.

H. Pentagon Camera Footage (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 12:34/1:12:25), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 09:08/1:58:22), (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 10:23/1:58:22)

I. White trail explanation- Turbofans do not produce white exhaust unless at high altitudes under cool conditions. This type of trail is more similar to that of a missile, which does produce a white trail.

J. No Seismic Data- (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 41:40/1:58:22)

K. Witnesses were members of media (SEPTEMBER CLUES B 05:53/09:55), (SEPTEMBER CLUES B 06:56/09:55) – “debunked” by snopes; (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 01:15:33/1:58:22)

Shanksville, PA – Flight 93

A. Debris Analysis – Debris field clip (SEPTEMBER CLUES B 08:59/09:55)

B. Crash Site- (SEPTEMBER CLUES B 08:59/09:55), (YouTube- 911 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You 02:39/05:14), (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 55:21/1:12:25)

C. Coroner Assessment- Clip (YouTube- Flight 93 Did Not Crash In Pennsylvania! 02:55/04:31)

D. Evidence- (SEPTEMBER CLUES B 09:24/09:55), (YouTube- Flight 93 Crash site evidence collected 00:50/01:55)

E. Witness Testimony- (YouTube- Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash – It Was Not a 757 00:17/04:22)

F. Flight 93 reported as having landed in Cleveland Hopkins Airport at 11:43 am. With bomb on board (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 54:23/1:12:25)

Building 7 – Smoking Gun

A. Contents and purpose of Building 7 – Emergency Command Center – Bullet and Bomb resistant windows, It’s own air and water supply and protection from 160mph wind. Building 7 housed offices for the IRS, Secret Service, CIA, Department of Defense, and Securities and Exchange Commission. No plane hit building 7, but at 5:20 pm building 7 collapsed into its own footprint in 6 and ½ seconds at free fall speed.
a. (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 01:01:48/1:31:10 through 45:00)Lost forever, were thousands of SEC case files on corporate fraud including those related to the activities of Worldcom and Enron, as well as the case files of the trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon.

B. Building 7 Collapse – (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 34:53/1:12:25)

C. Silverstein- Demolition analysis and “Pull” – Silverstien – (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 43:26/1:58:22)

Twin Towers –

A. Background – Background and Leading up to the Attacks.
a. Since the government built the towers, the taxpayers owned them. The government, under George W. Bush decided to lease the towers for 99 years. They were leased to Larry Silverstein less than two months before the attacks, on July 24, 2001 and he became landlord. Silverstein immediately began to replace the security personnel, and placed insurance policies on the towers to cover acts of terrorism.
b. (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 105:03/1:31:10 through 105:39). The President’s younger brother, Marvin P. Bush was the director of Securacom, which was the company that provided electronic security for the World Trade Center and Washington’s Dulles Airport, also involved in sept. 11th. From 1996-2000, Securacom installed an 8.3 million dollar security system in the World Trade Center.
c. Wirt D. Walker III, a cousin of the Bush brothers was CEO of Securacom from 1999-2002.
d. (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 105:57/1:31:10 through 107:39). Scott Forbes, Senior Database Administrator for Fiduciary Trust, said that there was an unprecedented power-down in the building for the whole weekend prior to 9/11. He said that they were notified 3 weeks in advance of the power-down by the port authority, which was a relatively short time for them to be able to shut down all of their banking systems. They had a data center on the 97th floor, and this was a big deal and completely unprecedented. He said that during the power-down, that meant that there was no security, and the doors were all open and also the security video cameras were all off. He described workers with reels and cables working throughout the weekend. The tenants of the World Trade Center were told that the internet cables were being upgraded. Having worked overtime to get his companies servers backed up, Scott took the day off on September 11th. Scott notified several authorities, including the 911 commission about the strange power outages, but was ignored. Scott Forbes also stated that in the weeks leading up to 9/11, there was construction in many of the suites, which would cause dust to come through the vents and settle around the windows and doors.
e. Many surviving tenants and employees corroborated this, and said that in the past few weeks, they had been evacuated several times. Five days prior to 911, all bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the buildings.

B. Steel Temperature Index – (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 16:05/1:31:10), Steel melts at 2750 F and above attained only in a blast furnace, or when a powerful incendiary such as thermite is used. Steel, or any substance that is burned, will never become hotter than the temperature of the fire or heat applied to it. An open-air hydrocarbon fire reaches a maximum temperature of some 1200 F in a dirty or uncontrolled burn characterized by red-orange flames as witnessed in the towers on September 11th. Demolition Compare- (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 19:35/1:31:10)

C. Controlled Demolition – The company; (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 01:04:22/1:58:22). The company Controlled Demolition Inc., with ties to Dick Cheney was hired to demolish Ok city building, and perform cleanup at wtc.
a. Controlled Demolition had developed a new explosive and technique for demolishing steel structures that they were very proud of. This was DREXS.
b. DREXS system boasted that the steel components of the building after demolition would be the length to match the lifting capacity of the available equipment. Beam lengths; (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 105:01/1:58:22), (911 – The laws of physics ARE NOT negotiable or debatable. They DO NOT take a day off 06:08/06:31)

c. Boasted that the building will collapse into its own footprint ; see failed demolitions. Demolition expert quote- (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 47:02/1:31:10 through 47:40) and linear shaped charge. More linear at 49:43 through 50:16, hardened with once liquid metal. Another quote- Jack Lolzeaux, Controlled Demolition, Inc. at 50.44.
d. Clip showing angle cut- (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 25:28/1:31:10) through 26:30))
e. Thermate/ Thermite- Incendiary Compounds
i. Thermite- formula screenshot (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 44:34/1:31:10 through 45:00). Thermite is an incendiary compound of iron oxide and aluminum that when ignited sustains an extreme heat reaction creating molten iron. In just 2 seconds, thermite can reach temperatures over 4500 degrees F, more than enough to liquefy steel. Pouring steel; (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 45:32/1:31:10 through 45:37)
ii. Thermate- The by-product of a thermite reaction would be aluminum oxide. (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 45:52/1:31:10) Appendix C of the FEMA report reports that Sulfur residues were found on the World Trade Center Steel. Sulfer slightly lowers the melting point of iron. Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide had formed on the surface of the structural steel. Sulfur used with Thermite is called Thermate, producing even faster results. Thermate, pretty much liquifies steel almost instantly. Thermate was created and patented by Controlled Demolition, Inc. Thermate was created in such a way that it could be placed in charges, or even mixed in paint and simply painted on steel beams.
iii. Molten Steel rivers- (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 42:25/1:31:10). The molten metal and fires burned under the towers for more than 8 weeks.
iv. Heat signature map after 5 days; (Painful Deceptions of 911 – 911 Conspiracy Theories – Has 911 Been Solved 1:06:12/1:58:22)

D. Demolition and footprint info
a. The official story was that the weight of the top floors collapsing caused a pancake collapse all the way down. But even if we assume that the top section of the tower had enough potential energy to destroy the rest of the structure below, it could not have done so at the speed it did, which was almost free-fall speed. Assuming that the top section on the left has enough potential energy to destroy the tower beneath it, and then assuming that we drop both top sections at the same time, which one should hit the ground first? Of course, it would be the second, as it would find no obstacles in it’s path and quickly accelerate to free fall speed. The section on the left needs to use some of it’s energy to destroy the structure below, so it could never reach free fall speed. In the twin towers however, both accelerated to nearly free fall speed as if their path had been free from obstacles between 9.5-11 sec. This is absolutely impossible by gravity and the laws of physics. The laws ARE NOT negotiable or debatable. (Free fall speed analysis- (911 – The laws of physics ARE NOT negotiable or debatable. They DO NOT take a day off 01:57/06:31).
b. The only possible way the towers could fall at nearly free-fall speed is in a controlled demolition. The ability to make a building collapse into it’s own footprint is not an easy feat. It takes weeks of planning and requires charges placed throughout the building, a pre-explosion under the foundation, and then a crack at the top.
c. Bombs in building (9 11 In Plane Site- Directors Cut 33:01/1:12:25) – take image and clip. Firefighter testimony.
d. Basement explosion- (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 28:29/1:31:10 through 29:38). William Rodriguez, a maintenance employee of the building and the last survivor to exit the building described bombs in the basement, as well as did several other witnesses. This was before the plane crashed 95 floors above.
e. Construction worker Philip Moreli was in North Tower sub basement 4 (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 29:47/1:31:10 through 31:13)
f. In an unprecedented move that would puzzle many, President Bush immediately has all the steel from the world trade center shipped out and sold to China before any of it could be thoroughly examined.

E. Profiting from 9/11
a. Airline Put-options – (YouTube- Criminal Insider Trading on 9112001 – 01:09/05:03). The afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the US stock options market. An extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines stock price would fall. The trades are called “puts” and they involved at least 450,000 shares of American. After the attacks, the stock price did fall and translated into a heafty profit for someone. The same thing happened with United Airlines on the Chicago Board Options Exchange four days before the attack. An extremely unbalanced number of trades betting United Airline’s stock price would fall also transformed into huge profits when it did fall after the hijackings.
b. CIA coverup- The names of the persons or entities who profited from this disaster were never released.
c. After the attacks, Larry Silverstien alone collected 8 billion dollars in insurance on his original 14 million dollar investment made into the twin towers just two months prior to the attacks. (911 Mysteries – 2007 (ro) 55:10/1:31:10 through 56:10)

The media and the white house had asked the public not to investigate the attacks on 9/11, and their own investigations were lacking proper analysis. Once the public started to see these discrepancies in the official story and were literally asked to ignore the laws of physics, an explosion of independent media and researchers emerged, and the “Truth” movement was born.

Though it seems that we have just covered quite a bit of information regarding the attacks on 9/11, what we have shown you here is merely the tip of the iceberg. The attacks on the World Trade Center would become the biggest rabbit-hole of independent investigations, which would produce so much evidence against the official story, that what you see here, is only a tiny fraction of the evidence gathered by the movement. As the “Truth” movement started to grow, and began questioning the official narrative, the white house reacted.

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