Lounger Air Camping Sofa Beach Nylon Fabric sleep Bed Hammocks

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Lounger Air Camping Sofa Beach Nylon Fabric sleep Bed Hammocks. Black, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Red, Yellow.

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Product Description

the Unique manufacturer inflatable sleeping bags, more practical
More in line with the market demand!More accord with human body mechanics
operating senses: sunny day with breeze, outdoor operation, open the line ran a few steps can be filled with 80% air pockets, roll up after sealing, after the article seal card buckle lock.
product spec : 70cm W ,230 cm length,measured by hand,length maybe some error, thanks for understanding.

after folding products packaging size: 19 * 16 * 36 cm
product weight : finished the subject plus the backpack always weighs about: 0.8 kg

to use comfortably: lay up feeling very soft and comfort is very good, sunny afternoons easy to fall asleep.

suitable places: suitable for marble ground, cobble ground grass, sand, cement, relatively flat ground

1. Fast filling, no electric and manual, magically inflate and receive, in a few seconds, and much is an air mouth can also be electric inflatable.

2. The leak prevention high-tech single-layer material, can withstand the pressure of 250 kg, the seamless welding technology at the same time, the whole material.

3. Environmental protection, azo free, lead and other harmful substances, friction resistance, high tear strength, Germany import tpu coating of environmental protection, high temperature resistance, don’t melt, not aging, no more resistance to low temperature embrittlement.

4. The waterproof, anti-fouling processing, easy to do.

5. The portable without can be deflated after receive.

We choose the tear resistance better, more wear-resisting, feels more soft high-density 7 d * 260 t nylon material instead of polyester fabric, the fabric we hydraulic pressure reached 20000kg, export the world unimpeded.


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