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2001- Profiting From September 11

In an unprecedented move that would puzzle many, President Bush immediately has all the steel from the world trade center shipped out and sold to China before any of it could be thoroughly examined. The President then hired the company Controlled Demolition Inc., to perform the cleanup of the World Trade Center. Controlled Demolition Inc. had financial ties to Dick Cheney and had also been hired to demolish the Murrah Building in Oklahoma after the blast in 1995.

After the attacks, Larry Silverstien alone collected 8 billion dollars in insurance on his original 14 million dollar investment made into the twin towers just two months prior to the attacks.

Building 7, which was not hit by a plane, had housed offices for the IRS, Secret Service, CIA, Department of Defense, and Securities and Exchange Commission. Lost forever, were thousands of SEC case files on corporate fraud including those related to the activities of Worldcom and Enron, as well as the case files of the trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon that Donald Rumsfeld had announced the day prior to the attacks.

And as far as the unusual trading in the US stock options market for put options betting that American Airlines stock would drop that also took place the day prior to the attacks, as well as the similar unusual trades on the Chicago Board Options Exchange four days before the attack betting that United Airlines would drop; after the attacks, the stock prices did fall and translated into a hefty profit for someone. The names of the persons or entities who bought the put options that profited from this disaster were deemed classified by the CIA.