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1998- Johnny Lawhon, Jr.

In the spring of 1997, a tornado had ripped through some junked cars at Johnny’s Transmission and opened up the trunk of a car that had a box of Whitewater records in it, including a copy of a $27,000 cashiers check drawn on Madison and payable to Bill Clinton. Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Sr. realized what he was looking at and turned the box of documents over to the FBI.

In 1998, Johnny Lawhon Sr., would be asked to answer questions about his findings. On March 29, 1998, his son, Johnny Lawhon Jr. and a friend hit a telephone pole at a high rate of speed after their car became airborne and left the road. They had driven less than a quarter mile at the time of the accident.

This manner of death was similar to the vehicle accidents that killed Paula Grober and Neil Moody.