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1995- Terry Reed, Bill Clinton and Buddy Young

In October, 1995 in formal hearings, now a former State Trooper, L.D. Brown elaborates in great detail, on his flights to Central America in the service of the CIA, on Clinton’s link to the CIA. He also details the negative treatment he received from the American press.

Terry Reed testifies. Terry Reed is a pilot and a subcontractor who worked for the CIA Iran-Contra operation. When he discovered that drugs were shipped to the U.S., ( the MENA operators) he left the operation in disgust. He soon found himself and his family the target of a retaliation lawsuit claiming insurance fraud. However, the Reed family was cleared of the allegations in federal court in Wichita, Kansas. Shortly thereafter, the Reed family filed a civil suit against those who had brought the wrongful suit against them.

Two employees of Bill Clinton, Buddy Young and Tommy Baker were charged with fabrication of evidence and other civil rights violations against the Reed’s.