1994- Caetano Carani

Caetano Carani, the vacationing Brazilian businessman who videotaped the Oct. 29 sniper attack on the White House, died from what may have been the ‘flesh-eating’ streptococcus bacteria, his doctors said Sunday. Carani was scheduled to have returned to the U.S. next month to testify in gunman Francisco Duran’s trial. The businessman, who taped the attack while vacationing in Washington, died ‘suddenly and mysteriously’ on Saturday after returning from the United States on Nov. 11. ‘Carani developed an acute, rapid and violent infection due to no apparent cause, and died shortly afterwards,’ Dr. Fabio Linardi said. ‘In 14 years of practicing medicine, he had never seen anything like it.

FBI agents were also scheduled to interview Carani at his home in Itapetininga, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. Wanda Belfort, Carani’s widow said her husband planned to turn over the original copy of the video to the U.S. government. It is unknown whether Carani was infected by the bacteria during his visit to the United States, and doctors said they could find no wounds which would have allowed the bacteria to enter Carani’s body. Tissue samples from the body have been sent to research centers in Brazil and the United States in an attempt to positively identify the bacteria.