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1974- The US Plan

US makes Third World Population Reduction a central national security issue. December, 1974 – National Security Study Memorandum 200-


Modeled after British Commission on Population created by King George VI of England in 1944 which openly stated that populous third world nations pose a threat to the Elites monopoly of global power.


Kissinger authored the US Plan to target 13 key countries for depopulation.

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Kissinger recommended that IMF and World Bank loans be given on condition that nations initiate aggressive population control programs such as sterilization. Kissinger also suggested that food be used as a weapon, and that instigating war could also be a useful tool in reducing their populations. (Endgame 1:53:15/2:19:37)

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Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world

— Henry Kissinger, 1974