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1941- Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

Roosevelt had campaigned on keeping America out of the War, however, his backers had been funding the Japanese War Machine for years, as well as funding and encouraging Hitler’s Blitzkrieg. They needed a global crisis to bring in a global government and the United Nations.

In the summer of 1941 Roosevelt’s chiefs of staff advised him to have the Naval Command remove the code breaking machines from Pearl Harbor and dismantle the radar.  In late November of 1941, Admiral Yamamoto sends communication to the Roosevelt White House letting them know that intel showed that the Japanese plan to attack the Pacific Fleet on December 7 in Pearl Harbor, and deliver a death blow.

Roosevelt proceeds to move a large portion of the US navy fleet to Pearl Harbor to undergo inspections.

Twelve days after Admiral Yamamoto’s warning, On December 7, 1941, The Naval and Air Forces of Japan attack at Pearl Harbor. Due to the inspections a large portion of the doors in the ships were open that normally would not be, which caused rapid sinking. (9 11 The Road to Tyranny – A Film by Alex Jones 10:32/2:50:35 – )

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