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Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

1815- Rothschilds Buy British Economy

June 18, 1815- Agents of the British Arm of the Rothschild family looked on as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte fought to save his army from a British/Prussian attack.

Battle of Waterloo

A Rothschild agent was able to get word to Nathan Rothschild of Napoleon’s defeat at the hands of Lord Wellington twenty hours before the news reached London. (Endgame 09:27/2:19:37)

Rothschild Messenger
Lord Wellington
Lord Wellington
Nathan Rothschild in London
Nathan Rothschild in London

Nathan, the head of the British arm of the Rothschild family, put out the word to the London Stock Exchange that Napoleon had won the war. Stocks plunged by 98% and Nathan Rothschild bought the bulk of the British economy for pennies on the pound.

When word of Napoleon’s defeat reached London, stocks soared. Britain was now the undisputed ruler of Europe and Rothschild ruled England.

(Endgame 10:04/2:19:37)