About Us

Hello and welcome to The Perilous Fight

This all began for me long ago, after 9-11. I was very patriotic up until then, and then after that day, as like many others, as I started to wake up, I lost that a bit.

For years we dove into all the rabbit holes along the way, and reveal after reveal, we wondered why we were doing so much research.  I say we, as in my husband and I.

We weren’t bloggers or writers or anything like that, but for some reason, we just kept gathering data, and watching more and learning more. After waking up, we pretty much just watched as the New World Order came to fruition, with no hope of slowing down. It became quite depressing during the Obama years.

As Donald Trump emerged, we got back the patriotism that had been diminished by discovering all the deception of which our own government was guilty of.

His win showed us that our constitution is the most threatening thing to the globalists and must be protected, and his victory proved that “WE THE PEOPLE” actually have a chance against them.

And since we now know that we have a chance against Globalism, we must all join the information fight, because they will never stop.

We are creating this content, so that we can try to explain to our own families and friends why we support Donald Trump.

We live in California, so around here there is MUCH waking up that needs to be done. We hope to get to the point where we can physically get out on the streets and wake up Californians to The Perilous Fight, which continues to this day.