Nancy Pelosi Secures 4th Term As Speaker, Democrats Break Quarantine To Vote


In a dramatic 216-209 vote, Nancy Pelosi secured her fourth term as Speaker (which she vowed would also be her last).


Re-Elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi Full Remarks on Opening Day of 117th Congress


In order to secure the narrower than expected victory, reporter John Bresnehan pointed out that at least three members broke COVID quarantine to attend swearing-in ceremonies and the all-important speakership election Sunday, and in addition to those three, as Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reports, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-FL), attended the vote to back Pelosi after testing positive for the deadly virus just six days ago, according to an article by Zero Hedge.




“3 members who are still in COVID quarantine will be allowed to cast a today, per a statement from Brian Monohan. 2 Dems, 1 R. They will cast vote in special area in House gallery. This shows stakes of today’s Speaker vote. Members were not named in statement.


Read FULL STORY from Zero Hedge.


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