Former FBI Director James Comey Testifes Before Congress

In his first public appearance since his May 2017 dismissal, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. – CSPAN


During his testimony, Comey not only admitted that President Donald Trump is not and has never been under FBI investigation, he also confirmed that he re-assured the President of this fact on three separate occasions. Apparently, it was the strategy of the former FBI Director to keep the false narrative alive in the mainstream media that the President was under FBI Investigation.

Former FBI Director Comey also said that he thought it was inappropriate for the President to want to speak with him alone, which is also a puzzling comment, considering the President was not under investigation, therefore there would be nothing wrong with said meeting.

Ultimately, James Comey admitted that he was the leaker who released his notes to the press. His reasoning for all of this was a mixture of stomach problems and his inability to contain his unfounded fear of the President. He confirmed that the President in no way ordered him, or even strongly suggested that he drop any investigation, however, due to the fact that he was fired, later decided that he should leak notes to the press, which basically would imply that he was pressured or ordered to drop the investigation in order to persuade the Justice Department to appoint a special council.

While he did admit that there was no collusion or pressure from the Trump campaign, he did admit that Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered him to refer to the Investigation into Hillary Clinton as a “Matter” rather than an “Investigation”. An order which Comey did choose to obey.

So, in conclusion, James Comey admitted that he knowingly led the public to believe that Hillary Clinton WAS NOT being investigated by referring to it as a “Matter”, AND knowingly led the public to believe Donald Trump WAS being investigated when in fact, he was not. He also admitted to refusing to follow the President’s request that he “lift the cloud” of doubt over his Presidency by letting the public know the TRUTH about the fact that he was NOT under investigation, while not refusing to follow former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s orders to mislead the public about the Clinton investigation.

James #Comey: “I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter.”

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