FBI Director James Comey Admits He Gave Huma Abedin Free Pass

FBI Director James Comey testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on his agency’s operations. He defended his thought process for re-opening the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 10 days before her loss in the 2016 presidential election, and told members he felt “mildly nauseous” to think he might have affected the outcome. Other topics included the investigation into Russia and the 2016 elections, reauthorization of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), and challenges for the FBI regarding heavily encrypted devices.

Director Comey also admitted that Huma Abedin broke the law by forwarding classified emails to her husband Anthony Wiener. Even though many have been convicted for far lesser crimes, in high profile cases, Comey admitted that he took it upon himself to determine that she was not aware that it was illegal to forward classified information to an unclassified source.

FBI Director James Comey calls Wikileaks “intelligence porn.”

While be questioned by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), FBI Director James Comey calls Wikileaks “intelligence porn.”

FBI Director Comey: “It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election.” Watch complete Senate Judiciary Committee hearing here

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