London Terrorist attack 322 – Left Trying To Say Trump Planned False Flag

On March 22, 2017 at around 3:22 pm, a man driving an SUV plowed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge near the Parliament building. Two people were killed and more than 30 others injured before the attacker fatally stabbed police officer Keith Palmer on the Parliament’s grounds. Police shot the attacker, who later was pronounced dead.

London 322

The London Islamist killer was identified as Khalid Masood, a 52 Year-Old English Teacher and father of Three.

A helicopter bearing masonic symbols and the words London Freemasons was on scene.


The incident happened shortly before 3:22, however that is the time that Big Ben shows when the photographs were taken.

londonclock bigbenonair

To add to the weirdness, a BBC anchor was discussing the situation, and as they were showing Rex Tillerson on the screen, the news banner was referring to the attacks with a mention of four shots fired. We know the assailant used a car and a knife, and the gunshots were probably by the police, but for some reason, this anchor needed them to cut the feed right away. Also, Isis had not yet claimed responsibility.

In under 24 hours, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. According to Fox News and the Amaq media agency.

Of course that is probably normal in London, however the events occurred according to numbers very important to the masons and skull & bones.

The Left, has now decided that they believe in False Flags, and are claiming Donald Trump planned the London attack. They have started a firestorm on Twitter under hashtag #Trumprussia #Setup


When one respondent replied to Arquette’s tweet, suggesting that Trump is also “looking for any excuse to further restrict civil rights,” she responded “bingo”.

Others, in agreement with Arquette, suggested the London attack was a ‘false flag op’ and that Trump was looking to set up a “major terror attack and then martial law.”

Others suggested Trump may start a full on war to distract from the Russia story:


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