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Obama Spies

#TowerGate- For How Long Did Obama Spy On Trump?

Early morning on March 4th, 2017 President Trump posted a series of angry tweets informing the public that he just learned that Obama had wiretapped his phones during the election which is illegal.

While we already know that Obama has installed himself in an anti-trump command center 2 miles from the white house, we must ask, how did Obama do this, and for how long?

On August 10, 2016, Stephen Rogata, aged 19 of Great Falls, VA climbed the Trump Tower in a media stunt. At the time it was not clear what Rogata was trying to achieve, however at the time, some trump supporters wondered if it was a stunt to get inside the building to plant listening devices on Trump. Could this be when the tower was infiltrated by Obama? If so, that would mean that he had audio survaillance on Trump almost an entire 3 MONTHS before the election. While we do not have confirmed evidence that this is how long the survaillance occured for, this would have been the perfect time for the building to be infiltrated while being swarmed in order to remove the climber.



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