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CNN Kicked Out Of Venezuela For Being Fake News- Again!

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has officially kicked CNN out of the country, AGAIN. He says that CNN was making up fake news. Maduro said on Sunday that he wants CNN “outside” Venezuela after a recent news report regarding school lunches.

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“Some media like CNN tried to manipulate information,” Maduro said. “They can not manipulate information like that, it’s our affair, of Venezuelans. CNN does not need to put its nose in Venezuela … I want CNN well away from here.”

Not the First Time- CNN Kicked out of Venezuela in 2014

In February of 2014, Nicolás Maduro revoked CNN’s press credentials; and called them ‘A group of fascists’.

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In 2014, Maduro said:

“They want to show the world that there is a civil war in Venezuela,”  “Enough war propaganda. I do not accept war propaganda against Venezuela. If they do not rectify things, get out of Venezuela, CNN, get out.”

Maduro went on to call CNN reporters “a group of fascists with their aggressions that want to take us away from peace. They are not going to do that. And we are going to show them.”

In a press conference he also said: “…They’re calling for civil war, hatred and are lying to the world about what is happening in Venezuela. This comes back to the owner of CNN. He is the one who sets the guidelines. And they work with the State Department, and from there they use that network to foment a pretend war among Venezuelans and to say internationally there should be intervention in Venezuela.”

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Not the First Time- CNN Kicked out of Venezuela in 2014


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