Pizzagate Showergate

CNN Creates Label “Fake News” and Fake Story #showergate to Distract from #Pizzagate and Fails

CNN, the network who came up with the label “Fake News” when they were going through their list of things to blame for Hillary’s loss, really vamped up the “Fake News” label following an explosion of independent media into the #pizzagate scandal discovered in wikileaks. In a panic over #pizzagate, the mainstream media labeled practically EVERYONE except for themselves as “fake news”.

After they were proven to be “Fake News” time and time again in a desperate attempt to cover up for Hillary’s activities, #showergate was born. They figured that even though it was an outright lie, maybe it would gain enough attention to distract from #pizzagate, OR knowing that #showergate would get easily debunked, that people would also dismiss #pizzagate.

Either way, it backfired completely. They, having created the label Fake News, are now dubbed “Fake News” on a daily basis, and their creation of #showergate only proved the point further.


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