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Clinton’s Close Friend Arrested For Planning To Kill Trump At Inauguration

Gary Franchi with Next News Network and Danny Gold for Liberty Writers report that a Florida man named Dominic Puopolo was just arrested for posting a video saying that he was going to kill Donald Trump. This man was Hillary Clinton’s close friend.

Killery 2

Here he is two seats away from Hillary Clinton, with his sister on his right.

Killery 3

Here you can see his sister with Hillary Clinton. This was taken on the campaign trail.

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she was especially close with his mother and sister. Both named Sonia Puopolo.

The mother, passed away in the September 11th attacks, and Hillary Clinton gave her Eulogy.

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Here is Dominic Puopolo’s post:

It is very strange, because he says several times that he is only following orders. We will keep following the story.