Demand Protest Exposed

Demand Protest Paid Protestors To Stop Trump- Exposed on Live TV

Demand Protest, a San Francisco company calling itself the ‘largest private grassroots support organization in the country,’is posting ads offering to pay protesters to disrupt Trump’s inauguration.

Demand Protest 5

The founder claims on air to be spending 80 million a year on the operation. “Dom Tullipso” claims that a half hour before going on Tucker’s show, the organization changed their minds on their motives, and have suddenly decided to back Donald Trump supporters.

Demand Protest 1  Demand Protest 2

Tucker Carlson exposes that the entire operation as a hoax, and that they guy is not even using his real name. He ultimately gets the guy to admit to the entire organization being a hoax.

Demand Protest 3

It is quite priceless to see the nervousness come through as he gets exposed, and us ultimately embarassed.