New Veritas Video shows plans being made at Comet Ping Pong To Disrupt Deploraball with Butric Acid

Project Veritas is at it again, and has just released another undercover video showing Inauguration planning.

In this latest video, James O’Keefe captures plans being made to disrupt the Deploraball using Butiric Acid.


Not only that, but the video captures plans being made at several locations, one of them being the infamous Comet Ping Pong. There you can here them discussing the various ways in which they will be disrupting the inauguration.

Ping Pong
This is only the first part of O’Keefe’s latest release. He goes in depth into the individuals shown in the recordings, and which organizations they are directly tied to.


If they run into the Bikers For Trump, it could get pretty wild. The Deploraball is scheduled to take place the night before the Inauguration.

Update: James O’Keefe Responds to #DisruptJ20’s Statement