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Golden Globes

Meryl Streep Tries to Win Golden Globe for her Golden Globe Performance

Meryl Streep slams into Donald Trump at the Golden Globes, over the “mocking a disabled reporter” disinformation campaign started by Hillary Clinton. While many believe that Meryl Streep has been duped by the media, and actually believes this, I think we know better. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Elites have lost momentum in their master plans, but that will not stop them.

As Obama has promised to give Donald Trump a hard time throughout his Presidency, the Mainstream Media and Hollywood have vowed the same. During her speech, Meryl actually reminded the mainstream media of how important it is to continue their propaganda campaign against Trump, thus ensuring further decline in mainstream media’s ratings in the years to come. Keep it up Meryl!


As she delivers her speach in her crackly “Michelle Obama” voice, it actually seems like the celebrities in the audience are trying very hard to form tears on cue. Being professional actors, you would think they would have all seemed more believable.

Ironically enough, as she encourages the Media and Hollywood to continue bullying Trump and his supporters, she actually has the nerve to say;

“When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose”.

As many people remain angry because of Hillary Clinton’s deceptive commercials, Trump supporters have always known that he never made fun of anyone for being disabled.

Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep

Marc Dice has done an excellent job of explaining the disinformation. As many people know, Donald Trump has used these gestures to describe many people, including himself on Larry King Live talking about how overworked he was.

Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep3 Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep2

Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep4 Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep5

As the mainstream media and Meryl Streep are well aware of the disinformation they are spreading, this article is meant for those who still believe the deception.


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