Donald Trump Vs. CIA: Draining The Swamp Begins

Donald Trump’s battle with the CIA heats up as he prepares a three point plan that has the Agency steaming. Donald Trump has made plans to downsize the CIA headquarters and Office of Director of National Intelligence. He plans on moving agents from foreign posts and changing leadership.

As most Americans know by now, the CIA has a bad history of trying to overthrow foreign governments, as was verified on December 22, 1974.

Trump vs CIA
On The Rachel Maddow show, it sounds as if Senator Chuck Schumer is sending a threat to Donald Trump from the CIA.
“I tell ya. You take on the intelligence community – they have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you”.
Trump vs CIA Chuck

Meanwhile White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest regurgitates the official talking point that 17 intelligence agencies are unified in their belief that the Russians hacked the DNC. “Don’t forget is was Colin Powell who said 16 intelligence, agencies were unified in their belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction”, said Lee Ann McAdoo and Darrin McBreen from Infowars.

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