African Migrants Swarm U.S. Southern Border Near San Diego, CA

It was reported on December 2, 2016 that hordes of Muslim or African migrants have amassed at the US Mexico Border. The Migrants, described by an eyewitness, appear to be predominantly adult males. The eyewitness records and describes the scene from the Mexico side of the Border, near Tijuana, with San Diego California just on the other side.

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The hordes of men, are said to have swarmed the city without notice, alarming the locals, and overflowing local shelters. It is reported that this is not just rare in the area, but a never before seen event. Eyewitnesses report that the men do not speak English nor Spanish, creating difficulty for local law enforcement. As the man recording describes the scene, he expresses how unprecedented and alarming this is. He describes how some say that the men may have some type of legal documentation, however that has not been confirmed. The locals believe the men are looking to cross into the US.

Four days following the reports of the swarms at the US Border, it was reported from Africa News Live that a fake US Embassy run by an organized crime ring with members from Turkey and Ghana had been busted issuing legitimate but fraudulently obtained visas and birth certificates. It seems the ring was bribing corrupt officials to either look the other way, or supply legitimate blank documents that could be doctored, according to the State Department. The Embassy reportedly flew an American Flag in its courtyard and was open three mornings a week for about a decade until this recent bust, however it is still unknown how many people have entered the US and other countries using these false documents.


For years it has been reported that children in Africa are being trained as soldiers since a very young age. Many of these boys are required to kill their families to show their loyalty, and are raised by the state. There is no direct relation to the child soldiers in Africa and the migrants at the US Border, however it appears that these boys in Africa were being trained for something, and most of the boys shown in earlier investigations in Africa would be young adults by now.


Nevertheless, the locals in the bordering towns of Mexico strongly declare that nothing like this has ever been seen before in their area, and the most alarming thing for them was how abruptly the swarm entered the town overnight with no warning or explanation.